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Don-Roy-Ensamble-300x225Don is a Franco-American ace fiddler who has been called the dean of Franco-American fiddling in Maine.

Don, who also plays guitar, mandolin and banjo, has been playing since age 6. His uncle Norman Mathieu taught him how to play guitar, and he then accompanied another uncle, Lucien Mathieu, who taught him how to play fiddle at 15.

While growing up in Rockland, he was influenced by fiddlers such as Ben Guillemette, Joe and Gerry Robichaud, and Graham Townsend. The sounds of Quebec, Ireland, Ontario and the Maritime Provinces blend in his style of playing.

Don Roy learns most of his tunes by ear, although he occasionally thumbs through collections of fiddle tunes. In keeping with Acadian tradition, Roy has been passing along his fiddling heritage to a few private students, as well as a larger workshop at the Center for Cultural Exchange, in Portland, Maine.

In 2003, Don and an apprentice won a Traditional Arts Apprenticeship grant from the Maine Arts Commission, recieving two traditional arts fellowships for excellence in traditional music.

Ethnomusicologist Bau Graves calls Roy the finest Franco fiddler in New England, whose playing, “exactly exemplifies what Franco American fiddling is all about. It is simultaneously precisely controlled and wildly danceable.”

With pianist/step dancer Cindy Roy and bassist Jay Young, they perform throughout the Eastern States as the Don Roy Trio.

In his spare time, Don custom crafts violins and violas.